Our Sires


Duncan is the quintessential bird dog right out of the box in his first grouse at 10 months of age. Greatest ruffed grouse dog I have ever seen in hundreds of dogs I have hunted over in my 26 years of pursuing the king of the uplands.  Duncan naturally points, honors (those dogs who he respects), super tracker, circles running birds, retrieves birds well, has tremendous stamina hunting hours everyday. Duncan’s range is 0 – 70 yards, averaging 30 – 50 yards. Duncan checks in every two to five minutes.  He’s fast pace hunter seeking scent but the moment he gets the slightest whiff of bird scent he shows amazing cautiousness and proceeds to pin down the bird in a cat-like manner. This cold nosed grouse dog will find every bird near and far and do so just right.  Duncan weighs 42 pounds.  


Zhingos is a born grouse dog.  His natural ability covers the spectrum—intelligent, point, honor, retrieve, hunts for the gun at close range, superb nose, fantastic caution the moment he hits first scent. Zhingos’ range is 0 – 75 yards, averaging 30-50 yards. Check in often and manages his hunting at a slower to moderate pace in a very light-footed manner.  His after the shot work in his first grouse season was solid in retrieving both grouse and woodcock to hand better than 90% of the time. He’s exactly the type of stud we want to tie into our existing stock.  Just a nice calm sweet boy that gets the job done.


King came to us at 4 years of age.  Acquired for his bloodline that often has characteristics that make great grouse dogs—He has a good nose and hunts cautiously in my preferred cat-like manner when in scent. This old bloodline carries old world style pointing so we get a fair amount of setting out of King.  He’s a solid retriever. He is a very calm quiet dog that carries that vibe into the woods. His range is 0 – 60 yards, averaging 20 – 40 yards. King weighs in at 42 pounds. 


Chippewa is a bold, hard charging hunter that works at a fast pace. He has a big nose and hunts consistently with a high head. Excellent natural staunchness and retrieving. Solid water dog and doesn’t hesitate to dive into beaver ponds for a grouse retrieve whenever needed. Chippewa’s range is 0 – 125 yards, averaging 70-80 yards.  He’s not a great tracking dog but most often keeps out of trouble due to his super nose. He’s very true, not a stalker-type hunter.  Chippewa is our most intense and highest octane dog in our string but at the same time he is highly biddable. He weighs in at 49 pounds beautifully put together.