Our Sires




Duncan is truly an amazing bird dog. Conditioning and exposure to birds is all this dog has needed to be a dream hunting companion.  Each grouse season in the Upper Midwest he has proven to be what I refer to as—”A go-to dog.” Duncan naturally points, honors, tracks, circles running birds and retrieves birds, has tremendous stamina, hunting hours everyday and his hunting range is under foot up to 70 yards out on average. Duncan checks in with me naturally on his own every two to five minutes.  Duncan is a hard charging bird dog seeking scent but the moment he gets the slightest whiff of bird scent he shows amazing cautiousness.  His sense of smell is outstanding! I just love watching this dog work!  He is intelligent, sweet as can be, high drive in the grouse woods and a lovely couch potato in the house. His PennHip ratings are excellent with D.I.’s (distraction index) at .42 and .45!  Duncan weighs 42 pounds. Sound genetic testing results scanning for 160 different health related issues. Paint River has truly struck gold in this stud and he is certainly a cornerstone of our breeding program. He sired many litters and his offspring have proven to be fantastic natural hunters on all upland game species arcoss the United States.





Chippewa has tons of natural ability since the day he arrived here at PRL.  He has an outstanding nose, staunch point and retrieves nicely. Chip’s natural range is under foot out to 80 yards on average. He has a quality steady pace and hunts consistently with a high head. Chippewa has an excellent PennHip rating with his D.I.’s (distraction index) being .30 and .37! Sound genetic testing results scanning for 160 different health related issues. He weighs in at 49 pounds beautifully put together.