Our Sires



Duncan is the quintessential bird dog right out of the box in his first grouse at 10 months of age. Greatest ruffed grouse dog I have ever seen in hundreds of dogs I have hunted over in my 31 years of pursuing the king of the uplands. Duncan is a super tracking type dog that naturally points, honors, circles running birds, retrieves birds well, has tremendous stamina hunting hours everyday. Duncan’s range is up 70 yards, averaging 30 – 50 yards. Duncan checks in every two to five minutes.  He’s fast pace hunter seeking scent but the moment he gets the slightest whiff of bird scent he shows amazing cautiousness and proceeds to get you as close to the bird in a cat-like manner with a beautiful point. This cold nosed grouse dog will find every bird near and far and do so just right.  Duncan weighs 42 pounds.  


Zhingos is a born grouse dog. He is a true type dog. His natural ability covers the spectrum—intelligent, point, honor, retrieve, hunts for the gun at close range, superb nose, fantastic caution the moment he hits first scent. Zhingos’ range is up to 90 yards, averaging 40-60 yards. Check in often and manages his hunting at a moderate pace in a very light-footed manner.  His after the shot work is terrific. Zhingos brings a terrific total package to every female he is paired with. Just a nice calm sweet boy that gets the job done. His name in the native language means, “weasel.” He weighs in at 42 pounds.


Llewie is a prime example of what we want the next PRL generation to be in performance. He is a son of Widget and Duncan. Llewie lives with his awesome family in lower Michigan. He hunts all over the entire state of Michigan for ruffed grouse and gets an annual hunt in Kansas for quail and pheasant. His owner and I refer to him as Duncan Jr. Llewie is a tracking type dog that has an incredible nose with exceptional cat-like caution and the right kind of quickness. He will range out 70 yards but in quality cover typically is 30-50 yards most of the time. He’s a sweetheart of a dog that’s for the hard core hunter that loves an easy dog. Llewie will sire several litters with PRL in the years ahead and we couldn’t be more thrilled and proud to have him as part of our program and family. We are lacking on photos of Llewie on the hunt but we’ll make sure to get some next season. Always caught up in the hunt with this guy and the photos elude us when we all get together each season.


Toby is the son of our Widget and Chippewa. He lives in North Carolina with his wonderful family. Toby gets to hunt ruffed grouse in NC, WV, NY, and MI. He hunts very much like his mother. He’s a close working tracking type dog. Toby is a star at stalking in close and giving a beautiful set on grouse in the dense forest and when a good distance of the bird gives a stunning tall point. He hunts out to 60 yards but typically in quality grouse cover is under 30 yards at all times. Another one of our stars that defines hunting for the gun. PRL has been looking for a Widget son for several years that has the tools and style of Widget. This boy right here will sire a couple litters at PRL over the next few years. He weighs in a 42 pounds.


Hatchet is a son of Missy by Duncan. He lives in Minnesota with his family. Hatchet has hunted many species in from WI, MI, MN, NE, WY, & MT and more to come for this boy. Hatchet is just like his dam with a sprinkle of his sire as I say. He’s a tracking type dog from two of the best tracking style grouse dogs PRL has had the pleasure to hunt over. Hatchet has an exceptional nose, a boat load of caution and is a real solid retriever. Hatchet is a woodcock banding dog and assists in spruce grouse research projects for the state of Minnesota. It doesn’t matter where in the country you put him on the ground he’s going to perform to task as good as any dog can on that given day in that given environment. We could not be more proud of Hatchet and his owners. Hatchet is exactly the type of dog we strive to produce here at PRL and his offspring have proven to hold true to their pedigree.