Little Chips on the way

We hope the Chippewa/Widget litter has the class of their parents! Here’s Chippewa back in the preseason.

Zhingos, 4 months old

Zhingos has been developing real nicely. We look forward in seeing if he will make the breeding cut this year. He’s a full sister to Missy and Stella.

Ripple by Chippewa

We are considering this breeding if Ripple comes into heat in the next two months. If interested let us know.

The Tribes Litter 5.5 weeks old

The Tribes Litter, Pixel by Chippewa. 5.5 weeks old today. From top left to right then next row: Cherokee, Sioux, Crow, Pixel, The King, Chippewa, Navajo, Dakota, and Apache. Puppies looking good and will be in their future hunting homes in the weeks ahead.

Puppy videos

A reminder daily puppy videos are on our Facebook page as videos load quick and easy there. From time to to time we post videos here but tend to post more photos than videos on our website. Check out the action! Pups look great!

Widget is in heat now

The one, the only Paint River’s Widget Levi is in heat and will be bred in 7-10 days. Possibly to Chippewa with our good old boy, Duncan as a back up plan. We had wanted to use one of our approved outside studs but given logistics in time and travel it’s proving difficult. One way or another this PRL superstar will be bred soon. Stay tuned for updates right here!

New additions at PRL

These three boys are full brother to Missy and Stella. Two will be sold in the future.

Pixel pups are here!

Pixel had her pups this morning. Six total all born breech and doing well. We will update you will litter theme and names once determined. This litter is all sold.