Yard work until the snow melts in our coverts…

Pile of pups

Hi PRL fans! Well we have 4 of 5 litters on the ground for this breeding season now. Here they are. Still working on litter themes. Soon to be announced on Facebook.

Widget had 4 pups. 2 males and 2 females.

Missy had 6 pups. 4 males and 2 females.

Omiimii had 11 pups. 5 males and 6 females.

Pixel had 8 pups. 2 males and 6 females.

Three litters arrived

It’s been an extra busy week and a half here at PRL! Widget, Missy and Omiimii have had their pups! All doing well at this point. Pixel is due within the week or so. That will then give us a bit of a break from whelping as Stella is the only female remaining this breeding season to have pups. She has not come into heat yet. With four litters soon to be on the ground that certainly should keep us busy! Stay tuned for litter theme announcements and Pixel pups arrival.

Latest at PRL

If you have been following us on social media you have seen that we had another wonderful season in the Great Lakes states hunting grouse and woodcock. We’ve been home for about two weeks hunting in New York now. Our hunting will whine down for the next couple weeks between our deer season and 4 of the 5 PRL girls are due to whelp over the next few weeks. Stay tune to here and on social media for updates on the litters. This season thus far has had amazing dog work in one of our rising little superstar’s is Azaadi. She’s out of Omiimii by Chippewa. At just over six months old she’s had over 100 grouse points with a couple dozen woodcock shot over her and 18 grouse shot over her. Pictured below is Azaadi on her most recent New York hunt that was certainly a day to remember.

Our new arrival

Here’s Galaxy, our newest pack addition. She’s 4 months old now. This is a segment from her second obedience lesson today.

Omiimii pups are here!

Pile O’ Pups!!! Haven’t bothered Omiimii yet to see if there’s anymore in there but we have a nice round number of 10 pups right now. Everyone currently looks good so we will see how they all manage over the next several days. The first week is always the most critical but looking good. Omiimii was a rock star to no surprise. Everyone with reservations will be contacted in the order of reservations made.

Pixel by Chippewa pup

Otis (Apache) became a very popular dog this week on social media with this photo. He’s a beauty and a great pup!

Chippewa’s pups!

I’ve been very happy with young Chippewas pups have been looking real good overall. See long version of this video on our FB Page.