Our Dams



Missy is a spectacular grouse dog. She has an exceptional cold nose, naturally points, backs, and retrieves. Missy’s range is up to 60 yards, averaging 20 – 40 yards. She checks in every couple minutes; if ever out of sight in the first place and spot on hunts for the gun. She’s unbelievably light on her feet. Missy’s a tracking type dog with the classic cat-like characteristics and will stalk and point in closer to the bird to set up a shot opportunity. Missy is a calm, quiet, sweet girl that is a real pleasure in the home. Just a real gentle nature about her. Missy has a very soft mouth when handling birds. Missy weighs in at 38 pounds. A terrific proven producer on multiple sires. Scroll through the 33 photos of Missy we have provided below.


Name’ is a daughter of, Missy and Duncan. She is Duncan with a sprinkle of Missy as I like to say. She’s a quick tracking type dog that’s connected to the gun, superb nose, awesome retriever and simply an all-around as solid as they come grouse dog. In the Native American language her name means,”she who can find tracks.” Name’ hunts 20 to 60 yards and settles in the pocket around 20-40 yards the bulk of the time. She weighs in at 34 pounds. Namé is the perfect grouse dog and as a breeder I’d only wish to clone her not change or add a single thing to her offspring. Scroll through the 30 photos of Namé we have provided below.


Ina’amii is a tracking machine out of Omiimii by Zhingos. She handles grouse terrific on the track. Of all my trackers, she relies the most on trail scent and finds the majority of her birds via tracking. If I have a vacuum cleaner nosed dog this girl is it for sure. In the Native American language her name means,”she who points a certain way.” Her range the majority of the time is 20-60 yards and over 90% of the hunt she is between 20-40 yards. Can’t find a better retriever than this soft mouthed fanatic! She’s a 30 pound girl like her mother. Ina’amii is shaping up to be a wonderful successor to her dam, Omiimii, in the breeding program. Ina’amii’s first litter produced outstanding pups. Ina’amii is a truly a perfect northwoods grouse dog. Spending the rest of my breeding career to create litters just like she is. It’s only logical that she comes from one of the two best breeding girls in our program’s twenty year history. Scroll through the 27 photos of Ina’amii we have provided below.


Azaadi is out of Omiimii and Chippewa. In the Native American language her name means,”aspen.” She is a true type dog and sticks birds hard and fast. She’s an intelligent, all business, fiery little girl that hunts at a very quick pace with a moderate degree of independence. She will check in every 5 minute minutes or so. Super nose, incredible retriever and has great stamina. Azaadi’s range is up to 100 yards, most often between 30 – 70 yards. She weighs in at 34 pounds.


Miikonaw is daughter of Omiimii by Hatchet. Miiko is a very forward moving hunter in the grouse woods. She’s a bird finding machine. Always 40 yards away pointing a bird or waiting for you to start a track. She’s super smart, quick little dog. In the Native American language her name means,”she shoots right in target.” Miiko is a fast pace tracking type dog and represents beautifully. She is hunts between 30-60 yards the bulk of the time. She is a good quality retriever that gets the job done. Miiko weighs in at 30 pounds.