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PRL is incredibly excited to announce a new project that is finally getting off the ground after many years of just not making the time in our busy dog breeding and training career. Every year my puppy clients ask for resources and my guidance and I’ve been saying for years I was going to get this started so here we go!

PRL has a new Vimeo On Demand page. You can join this video information center for all things bird dogs by joining the annual subscription on the Paint River Llewellins Vimeo page at the link provided here and at the bottom of this post.

This video library is very new and limited at this time but is and will be a valuable resource for everyone raising their Llewellin puppy and other upland breeds. These are home videos made by me and those close to me. Do not expect blockbuster cinematography. These videos are very basic to more in-depth and are only going to growing exponentially throughout this year.

I have been training dogs for 26 years of that time, professionally for 22 years. Having worked with over 4400 dogs and 3200 dog owners encompassing— basic obedience, disabled persons service dogs, SAR/LE dogs; including tracking/trailing/wilderness area search in both live find & cadaver, other detector dogs, rehabilitating aggressive dogs, waterfowl search work, and of course!— upland dogs both pointing and flushing breeds.

As a young boy this passion was sparked by seeing the natural ability displayed when hunting with our herman shorthaired pointer. 28 years later… seeing, training and hunting with these upland dogs still makes me feel like that happy kid.

This video series will be on going adding content throughout the months and years. We will have live Vimeo chats, many sit down discussion topics and of course as jspring and summer weather roll around, lots of in the field training footage. PRL always has a few pups held onto for assessment each breeding season and members will get to be a part of this experience. Many ways to train dogs… we are not looking at reinventing the wheel here. However, as a trainer one thing people as handlers always do is over complicate training. Understanding what and how a pup processes its experiences can largely determine the outcome with your bird dog. Let this membership page be a honest, competent, down to earth, common sense approach to developing your own bird dog from a nationally trusted source in breeding and training in me, Kyle Warren. Companion dogs, Search dogs and hunting dogs have been my passion and career my entire life and I look forward to sharing and growing this new chapter of my life with you.

While I have come to specialize in breeding and developing Llewellin setters for hunting ruffed grouse as my life’s obsession. The teachings within these videos are able apply to the majority of bird dogs. Genetics, bird exposure, setting up a quality learning environment and reading your dog are all valued components to success. I look forward to helping in as many of these areas as I can.

Please visit our Vimeo In Demand page at this link:

Thank you.