Pixel is in heat!


Photo credit to Perry Masotti, fellow grouse hunter and sport dog photographer.  Pixel is pointing a woodcock in this photo back in the glory days of October 2016.

Paint River’s Pixel Levi has just come into heat so we are planning on breeding her to Paint River’s Duncan Levi in two weeks. This will be the fourth time these two great grouse dogs have been paired up and we know what to expect from these offspring. We presently are still accepting a few more reservations for males at this time on this litter. Once pups are on the ground, we will fill in what remains. Pixel historically has had large litters and is a fantastic mother. Certainly when we have done the breeding we will give more accurate timetables but right now it looks like breeding end of January, pups born beginning of April, and pups go home end of May. If interested in a pup don’t wait! Our pups move once they are born.