Gemstones updates

Hello Everyone,

The pups are doing wonderful! The past two days we have had them starting to open their eyes so it’s a whole new world for them. The beltons are starting to acquire more spots now so in the weeks ahead we will have an idea of what colors they will be.

In other news at this time we now have rounded out homes for all the males and two of the females. At this time Paint River has reserved the third pick female but for all you Paint River Llewellin fans that are interested in a female please do not hesitate to inquire as we will not make a decision as to keep this girl probably for another month.

Picking of pups will begin at 5-6 weeks with this litter. Based on order of reservations made. They are all going to be excellent dogs!! This is a repeat breeding with all fantastic pups from the first round and Duncan’s other litter is outstanding as well. While most people pick dogs based on colors and at times get disappointed they don’t get the one they want— remember you have chosen the right breed for your family and a litter that will have very consistent pups!!

Looking forward to meeting you and sharing information, photos and videos in the weeks ahead. It gets real fun once they are all in the kitchen for their morning and evening romps!!