Gemstones Litter and their emerging colors

Hello Everyone!

So the Gemstones are growing very nicely!! Yesterday I posted headshots of the pups. In another couple weeks hopefully we will be clearly able to see what colors they all will be as their ticking comes in.

Peridot (girl)  is clearly a tric-color that will likely be fairly dark.

Opal (girl) appears to be a black and white that will develop ticking.

Diamond (girl) she’s a wild card as I have no idea what color this little belton will be yet.

Emerald (boy) is a black and white that looks like he will have a lot of ticking.

Zircon (boy) is a tri-color with a patch on the eye and his ticking is starting to come in.

The three boy beltons are also wild cards! I have no idea what colors they will be yet.

I find this an interesting part of raising this breed is you often never know how dark they will get and what coloration sometimes for a couple months to even nearly a year of age!!

I hope you all are following on Instagram! Stay tuned for updates! A few more weeks and we will have romp a room videos rolling.