Pixel x Duncan litter update

Hi Everyone!!

So it’s been a busy week here for Paint River Llewellins!! I will try this weekend to get some individual photos of the puppies up on the site. As many of you know one of the delights of Llewellins is that they change color so much you often don’t know what you get until it’s time to pick them up!! … and sometimes your lightly speckled belton turns nearly a solid color as one of my recent puppy owners found out!! So I don’t like to guarantee any coloring on the beltons. And we have four beltons in this litter!! Over the next month it will be clear as to what colors they will be but this breeding last year and Duncan’s other breeding showed him to be very dominate in the breeding. All tri-beltons ended up being heavily ticked just like their papa!! Which I personally love.

At present the best I can tell we have a tri-color female with several patch markings, a black and white female with a face patch, a belton female, 3 belton males!!, a black and white male with nearly a full hood and a body patch, and a tri-color male with a small eye patch. All these pups are likely to get MUCH dark in the weeks ahead and that’s part of the fun of watching this breed grow!! So please be patient because before long you’ll have so many photos in your inbox you’ll have to buy more memory for your computer 🙂

Oh!! And hopefully we will have a litter theme this weekend too!!