Paint River Llewellin breeding update

I know we have many of you that are very excited to hear when Pixel is coming into heat…. we hope that this will be really soon!! She usually goes in every 6 months and six months ago today she was in heat so… any time now we hope. While we are excited to have our next litter of pups I am also happy that she’s a little late since last hunting season she was very preggers while we were out in the UP. She hunted every day but we kept all her hunts to around or under an hour. One of my favorite pointing photos of all time is the picture of Pixel pointing a grouse in the UP 50 days pregnant with with giant belly and split tail. My respect for these dogs and their instinct work ethic is second to none. So Pix will enjoy long hunts for our full 5 week hunting adventure this year and get to do some nice hunting in NY for a week or two hopefully before nestling in for the arrival of her next pups. I will post when we have a breeding date but as of now looks like her and Duncan are going to have their romantic date under the stars in the UP.