Paint River’s Omiimii (Omi) makes her first appearance

I just came off of a long weekend out in the U.P.— checked on the property and the house….wow!! All the snow!! There was about three feet on the ground at my place!! Farther north they have “a lot” more so I’m told….. it’s been a rough winter out there with windchills 20-45 below zero for many days this winter. But you can’t slow down them Yoopers!! They are snowmobiling, snowshoeing, snowtubing and just have a great ole time out there…. I love it!! I did a lot of snowshoeing on the property. Saw some wolf tracks twice and a billion snowshoe hare tracks. The grouse are around but buried in the snow only to come out to bud on the aspen for an hour a day or so…..

The BIG news is Paint River has added their next future hopeful to the club!!— Paint River’s Omiimii. The native american tribe in the U.P. are the Ojibwe. This pup’s litter name was Dove. In the Ojibwe language the word dove is— omiimii, pronounced O—Me—Me. Her nickname is Omi for short. She’s a little pistol and has all the traits that we look for in a pup. We look forward to sharing her development with you. Here are some photos of her this morning back in NY.

Omi-5 Omi-4 Omi-3 Omi-2 Omi-1