Paint River update

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been in recuperation mode and training mode since the all the pups left one month ago. Wow!! Time flies!! I’ve been getting updates from nearly everyone and all the Paint River kids seem to be doing very well in their new homes. I really look forward to posting some photos of them all as spring rolls around.

All is fairly quiet here…. January has been a brutal month with subzero temps all the time….. I only had the llews out to hunt maybe four times the entire month. I’ve been working with my father’s pups on the weekend. So stay tuned for some nice pointing photos of Gitche and Georgia!

This Friday I go out to the U.P. to check on the house— oh!! and pick up a female puppy to increase the size of Duncan’s girlfriend clan. I’m very excited about our new addition and of course you’ll see all the photos upon my return.

Please keep the puppy pictures flowing. I always want to see them!! I know we are all trying to just survive this rough winter but puppy photos can help us survive it!!!

duncan on pigeon

Hope you are all well.


Kyle and the llew crew