Read!—Read!—Read all about it!!! ROTOR, ROTOR, ROTOR!! Still Available!!

Hi Everyone!! It’s been a stellar week in finding Paint River Llewellin Setters super hunting homes!!!! All five Cameras are sold and four of the five Gizmos are sold!! Leaving just our little Rotor available to some hunting family yearning for some Llew-love and a super hunting companion!! Here’s Paint River’s last chance to offer that for an entire year!! Our next litter will not be until next winter some time and most likely two repeat breeding in both Pixel and Widget bred to Duncan. Grab the little Gizmo while you can!!! Our ad in The Pointing Dog Journal does not come out until December 27th— lets find this Paint River kid a lovely home before then!!

Rotor-1 Rotor-2 RotorDec20-2