Paint River’s Nikon has a new family with The Damores of Long Island, NY!! Congrats!!

Well I have been telling myself since the day this dog was born that I was keeping him because I have just felt that he represents everything that I look for and instinctively believe in my heart and my gut that greatness can be. I have been also telling myself that I do not need to keep a son of Duncan since my super star is so young himself— so if a hunting home that I felt would give him the world and a hunting life exceeding the life I could give him— I’d let him go as long as he may be able to make a contribution to the breed, if and when he has proven himself down the road. With happy glassy eyes I can say that this special kind of home has found Nikon and me. Nikon will be hunting in many states all around the country every year for many months out of the year and still reside within an easy drive of his birth place. Oh boy!!! I’m going to cry like a baby when this dog leaves tomorrow!! But I couldn’t be more happy for my little man!! Congrats to The Damore Family of Brightwaters, Long Island, NY. —And welcome to the Paint River Family!!

Nikon 9 weeks old