Llewellin setters: The traditional Thanksgiving Day hunt

Every year I do my best to get out in the woods with my llews for some Thanksgiving Day action. I was pumped because from what I could tell looking northwest into the mountains it was snowing and likely the case at the family farm. I love grouse hunting in the snow. As we were getting closer to the farm the snow was adding up. By the time we arrived at 12:00pm, there was three inches of snow on the ground and both Duncan and I were ready to go!! There’s was a stiff breeze out of the northwest and the temps were in the high teens. Snowballs building up on the dog’s feathers and his hair expanding for warmth that an experienced bird dog person can notice very easily this time of year. The beautiful tones swimming thru the crisp November air from my very special gift bell. A bell directly from Bhutan made by the Bhutanese for their yaks while traveling thru the mountains and forest lands. Very unique tone that has a very nice presence to it. Not too many dogs in this country wearing a bell from Bhutan while grouse hunting that’s for sure!!!!  This experience could not of made my Thanksgiving any better than it was.  The photo below is Duncan pointing a grouse in dense snow covered brush on the edge of a large hay field with a stone wall nearby.

Duncan on Thanksgiving hunt