What it’s all about…. October in the U.P.

I always say….”there are dog people—and then there are bad people.” I can absolutely understand not owning a llewellin setter if you don’t hunt and or don’t have lots of space for the dog to run and hunt on it’s own around your home (property) but for those of us who view our dogs as an extension of ourselves…. well— then, you have found a great place to hang out online and read about amazing dogs with amazing abilities that are at the center of a dog person’s world.

Three things that warm my heart are: a llewellin setter giving me a hug, a llewellin setter snuggled against my body while I’m in bed watching a movie and a llewellin setter fiercely on a stunning point rock solid and as sure as the day is long. What do these things all have in common— a llewellin setter.

My first hunting season in the U.P. with my young llews could not have been more fruitful for both the dogs and myself.  Nearly every time I came out of the woods from a hunt for a couple hours with one of my dogs or running a brace with Scott Lazur of Laurel Mtn. Lllewellin Setters with one of his dogs I pretty much always came out of the woods glassy eyed because it’s just so beautiful to watch these dogs do what they were born to do and do it with such style, with such grace and with such tenacity. I wear my heart on my sleeve but these dogs in incredible wilderness were just the song this country boy has been yearning for his whole life. There was no time, no place…. nothing…. ever…. that made me feel more at peace, more happy nor more excited than these few weeks of watching my kids do what they were born with. Here are some more photos that you can see for your own viewing pleasure.

rogue and countScott, Kyle, Duncan and Birdpixel on grouse preggerswidget and Kyle with grousewidget on woodcock point in UPpixel with grousePixel on woodcock in alderDuncan on point in the UP masterpiece4 llews on point and honoring a woodcock findgrouse tailbog in the UPthe northwoods2Widget on grouse point in UPPixel with her prize on the last daythe northwoodsUP sunset with moon2rogue and kyle with 3 woodcockduncan and kyle with first up grouseduncan and kyle with up grouse2ducan and kyle with up grouse3pixel in aspen pointing grouseduncan honed in on grouseduncan got woodcocknorthwoods 3duncan pointing 3 grouse