Back on the job

Hello Everyone!! As usual and then some!!— it’s been crazy busy around here with our regular full roster of dogs to train plus our 13 pooches here on the farmette. Finally this past weekend I was able to get the kids back on the job with the birds. They have out grown the field behind the house and it’s been the only place for the most part they have been working on birds thus far.

The last time I worked the llews on birds was 5-6 weeks ago I believe, so they were long over due!! Widget and Pixel were totally amazing….. hard to believe actaully!! Duncan and Piper definitely need to get back into the groove…. they were simply being over stimulated hyper little hunt’n pups that just wanted those birds. They wanted to sight point their birds. No any uncommon thing when the dogs are seeing and chasing pigeons every day in their yard, so we just need to work through that with more exposure to the birds in the right context. Now that race season has finally ended with the pigeons we can just concentrate any free time we get here and there to bird work.

These photos of Widget and Pixel were taken on my iphone…. the next few times out has be to more about training and less about photos so once I feel I have them back in the saddle— I’ll carry my Cannon Rebel camera with me again.  Man! Oh man! It’s beautiful to watch these llews do their thang!!