Our first U.P. adventure!

My brother, Pixel, Widget, Duncan, Piper and me all squeezed into the truck and drove 1,177 miles from Olivebridge, NY to Amasa, MI. We did the marathon drive and did it with stops included in 21 hours one way. We made four stops on our way out and four on our way back— managed our time with getting food, gas and dogs out to eliminate each of the four stops on our route.

Lake Michigan northern rim

The above photo is of the utmost northern rim of Lake Michigan. This was at a rest area about 30-60 minutes once we crossed the bridge into the U.P.

rest area dogs

We took one pup out at a time so they could run on the beach and get a little blow out. As we came back to the truck with Pixel— Widget, Piper and Duncan ready to hit the road and get to bird dog paradise!!

rusty saw bladeThis place will definitely be my little treasure where I get to experience the locals! Great little place in wilderness!

mother's day 2013Happy Mother’s Day. We were driving back to the property in a snowstorm from the Rusty Saw Blade and this was what we woke up to!

Gate of 150

This view instantly took anyway stress that I have been having for the entire year.

Kyle at gateHappy Kyle 🙂

Widget ready to rollWidget is starring at Kevin and I— saying yo bros lets roll!! We have a whole peninsula to hunt!!!

sunrise moonrise

The sky is so beautiful in the U.P.

aspen headquartersSpeaking in code— there are a lot of pull-start lawn mowers in here 🙂

Widget wizzing byWidget hunting her heart out in the mother land.

llewellin pack heaven

All four kids romping thru the northwoods. What a dream of mine to see!!

80 acre trailKyle's heavenIf any of you are wondering what Kyle’s heaven would looks like this is it!! Everyday!!

Quax liking the UPQuax has no idea how or why he ended up babysitting these four llews but he’s happy that at least it’s in a really cool place!!

more aspenLook to the left, look to the right, look ahead and look behind you…. Aspen, aspen, aspen….. prrrretty cool for this eastern mountain boy to see!!

bear trackThis bear is at least 400lbs more likely 500olbs. I weigh 170lbs and my track indent was about 25% the depth of this one in the mud.

piper tooling alongPiper in action.

complete blissWidget living life to the fullest

Pix on the runPixel on a tear

duncan on the runDuncan truck’n behind Pixel

Duncan sleeping

Widget cuddle

piper sleeping

Surgeon General’s Warning!!

If you are not a dog person and do not wish to be totally happy, filled with love and constantly have a smile on your face then under no circumstances own a llewellin setter. They will absolutely make you laugh, have a good time and have you enjoying snuggle-time more than you ever thought imaginable!!

Well that’s a good idea of what our trip was like so stay tuned for videos and photos of working the llews in the weeks and months ahead!!