Widget and Pixel basic whoa, recall, heel training

I have been working with Pixel and Widget for the past two weeks with basic whoa, recall and heel work. The each have had six— five minute lessons on this material. This is what I love about llewellins. They almost always handle easy, learn quickly and allow me to be a fun loving guy 99% of the time. I wish I could say that about all breeds and yield these results in just 30 minutes total spread out over two weeks. The day of this video was taken when they were 5.5 months old. Can’t wait to get back to bird training in another 4-8 weeks with some command control in place. It should be a blast!! I like to expose my pups to birds around 4 months old several times to give them a taste and to together them into it. During this introduction I usually use pigeons in launchers and just go out with no rules a few times to see what happens and have a bit of bird fun. After that somewheres around five months of age I’ll start doing some basic commands such as whoa, recall and heel work. Then we consistently do bird work starting around 8 months old give or take. By that time my command control has had nothing to do with birds or restraint so I find the bird training process much easier and more pleasant, especially with this marvelous breed.