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RESERVING A PUP FROM PRL: All current puppies and planned breedings are listed on this page. Please read and scroll down. We are always accepting reservations on current and future litters. A nonrefundable deposit of $600 is required to reserve a Paint River Llewellin Setter puppy. In the event that you have a late reservation and there are more reservations than pups born, your reservation is automatically transferred to the next litter where pups are available or you have the option to wait for your female’s next litter. Please understand this might be one year later. All PRL puppy purchasers are required to purchase the PRL Vimeo On Demand video series. We want to insure that every step is taken by us to help your puppy succeed not just in our efforts in our breeding program but in our raising program.

PRL CLIENT SALE POLICY: We do not sell our pups to individuals who intend to breed or compete in trials with their pup. Our buyers are families that are looking for a loving family companion that has excellent hunting potential on wild birds. All PRL clients must own their home, have a fenced in yard (physical or electric), and have their PRL pup live indoors as part of the family.

Due to the soft intelligent nature of our setters— PRL prohibits the use of flank collars in training steadiness and classic forced fetching methods on our puppies in their development. These methods can work well for many breeds and types when done properly. However, certain lines of setters, including ours, that have a softness and variable tracking/stalking/point style do not do well with certain training techniques. We breed setters that may stalk and set at times; particularly if they are of our tracking style setters. Flank collars stand the potential to disallow our setters to be setters to a degree. We want to insure that all our buyers are encouraging their pup to be what we have bred them to be.

PUP DEPARTURE:  In the event PRL plans on keeping a pup(s) from a litter, PRL may not select clients’ pups until 12 to 16 weeks of age. Otherwise pups are scheduled to depart or be picked up by their new owners around 8 weeks of age. Litter schedules and details are listed individually below and updated as litters are born and decisions are made.

FOLLOW PRL:Please follow us by subscribing to our site by email so all posts go directly to your inbox!! A nice advantage by going with Paint River Llewellin Setters is that you get play by play videos every day of your pup’s development from 4.5 weeks until departure!!! It is wonderful to see them grow not just by photos but in animation, in real action. It does not get any more personal and heartwarming than a Paint River Llewellin experience in the weeks leading up to your pups grand home arrival.






Omiimii is a grouse finding machine. She hunts like a cat as much as any I’ve ever seen. She has an average nose but my most stealthy tracking dog that has incredible focus and over the years has trailed hard running ruffed grouse over hundreds of yards into a beautiful point for the perfect shot opportunity.  Omiimii is very cautious in the grouse woods with incredible natural staunchness. Omiimii naturally honors. This little girl is a fantastic grouse dog. She checks in often and hunts for the gun beautifully in a quick and slow manner. Omiimii’s range is 0 – 50 yards (first season range was up to 90 yards), averaging 20 – 40 yards. She is my most heat tolerant girl of the entire pack. She has produced the very best natural retrievers PRL has produced to date. Every friend and client that has hunted over all my dogs all favor Omiimii in the grouse woods. She is such a fun dog to hunt behind. Omiimii weighs in at 30 pounds.

This is a repeat breeding. In their first litter they had eleven pups and the reviews overall have been outstanding. Pups are spread to all four corners of the country and excelling. PRL’s favorite Omiimii litter and we felt the need to try it again. Pups due to whelp early January.

See more photos and learn more about Omiimii on our Dams page and on social media as you scroll back during the hunting season months.




Stella is a phenomenal grouse dog. Quality nose, naturally points, backs, and retrieves. Stella’s range is 0 – 75 yards, averaging 30 – 50 yards. She checks in every few minutes but does have her own independence on the mission. She has a beautiful gait and moves smooth through the grouse woods. A very true dog, if she goes on point the bird is usually going to flush soon thereafter the hunter’s arrival.   Stella has a very soft mouth when handling birds. Just a pleasure in every respect. Stella is a calm, quiet, sweet girl. Stella weighs in at 38 pounds.

This is repeat breeding. In Stella’s first litter she only had one pup via A.I. She had a very easy whelp and was a fantastic mother. “Uno,” The singleton pup is doing terrific in Canada pointing ruffed grouse and blossoming in the Northwoods at a very young age. This has been a very successful A.I. process this time around and we look forward to hopefully a decent size litter out of these two great grouse dogs.

See more photos and learn more about Stella on our Dams page and on social media as you scroll back during the hunting season months.





Widget is one of the most incredibly intelligent dogs I’ve been around with one of the most emotional personalities, which has both its pluses and minuses. Around the home, she is known as my dog-wife. Widget is a serious talker, in my experience a sign of great intelligence. She’s a dominant girl with a huge ego. Widget’s hunting abilities are second to none— with a superior nose, incredible staunchness, she is a very cautious cold nosed tracker that’s a cat-like hunter in the grouse woods. She is an exceptional natural honoring dog. She is one of the greatest grouse dogs I’ve seen in my hundreds of dogs in the woods. She checks in often and hunts for the gun beautifully at a nice slow steady pace. Widget’s range is 0 – 60 yards, averaging 25 – 50 yards. She produces a high percentage of good quality natural retrievers. She weighs in at 42 pounds.

See more photos and learn more about Widget on our Dams page and on social media as you scroll back during the hunting season months.





Missy is a spectacular grouse dog. She has an exceptional nose, naturally points, backs, and retrieves. Missy’s range is 0 – 50 yards, averaging 20 – 40 yards. She checks in every couple minutes; if ever out of sight in the first place and spot on hunts for the gun.  She’s unbelievably light on her feet. Missy’s hunt style is certainly that of a tracker— very cat-like and may stalk and point in closer to the bird to set up a shot opportunity. Missy is a calm, quiet, sweet girl.  Just a real gentle nature about her. Missy has a very soft mouth when handling birds. Missy weighs in at 38 pounds.

See more photos and learn more about Missy on our Dams page and on social media as you scroll back during the hunting season months.




Azaadi is a high octane little girl. She is a true dog and sticks birds hard and fast. Azaadi’s range is 0 – 90 yards, hunting most often between 40 – 70 yards with a lot of forward motion hunting and a moderate amount of independence. She’s an intelligent, fiery little girl that hunts at a very quick pace. Super nose, incredible retriever and great stamina. Azaadi weighs in at 32 pounds.

STANDBY RESERVATIONS: In the event, we are not currently taking deposit reservations on a litter of interest to you. You are welcome to go on standby in the order requested if additional puppies are available after all prior depositors have claimed a born pup.  We take deposits for stand-by reservations. In the event we do not have a pup available for you in the gender decided at the time of making the reservation then we will refund your “standby deposit.” If PRL has a standby pup available in the mentioned gender and you have decided you no longer want the pup then your standby deposit will not be refunded. 

PRL PUP PURCHASE INFO: We ship anywhere in the USA. Paint River Llewellin Setters cash puppy purchase price is $1,800 (for puppies up to 12 weeks of age), plus any shipping expenses, which include shipping crate, airfare, health certificate, and cost of travel to the airport. Total shipping expenses of $550 are in addition to puppy purchase price. Additionally, The PRL Vimeo On Demand series must purchased prior to taking home your PRL pup. Individual litters will sometimes have a different cost per puppy. Those litters will be labeled as such when they start to be advertised. In the event we need to raise our puppy purchase price when you have a reservation you are responsible for the most current price on our pups, sometimes we need to raise our prices to ensure giving the dogs the best possible care when our expenses increase. If there is a price increase it would likely occur when the stud is selected late summer. You are welcome to have your non-refundable deposit refunded strictly due to this reason as we would never force you into contract not knowing your financial obligation. Thank you.


$600 deposit to reserve pup (NON-REFUNDABLE)

Remaining balance of $1200 from the cash purchase price (this is balance on pups up to 12 weeks old price may be higher on older pups) balance due when pup is two weeks old. NO LATER! If not paid at that time you forfeit your deposit and pup NO EXCEPTIONS.

$550 shipping/transportation fee due when pup is five weeks old (only if shipping via air)

PRL Vimeo On Demand series must be purchased prior to your pup being shipped or picked up.

If you would like to pay via PayPal or Venmo please add 5% to all costs listed that applies to you. Our apologies for the additional fee here. Clients in USA have the option to pay by check or Apple Pay with no additional fees . International clients must pay via PayPal. 

PayPal payments go to (add 5%)

Venmo payments go to @Kyle-Warren-24 (add 5%)                         

Texting Apple Pay payments does not require any additional fees.

Please send check or money order made out to (prior to sending deposit please read all info on this page and be approved with puppy application by PRL):

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